10 Asian Home Decor Ideas

Floor plan. Floor space was gained with the open-plan layout of the rooms. The only private area is the bedroom.

Rendering. Different views and studies done to design the wall, conceived as the main element of the whole renovation work.

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The solid wall in the main space of the loft is an independent entity that brightens up the design. The loft’s symmetrical windows are a reminder of the building’s industrial past.

The architect opted for filtered lighting in the false ceiling in the living room. The classical furniture matches the wall on one side.

The personal dimension of the commission played a fundamental role in this project. It involved the reformation of a penthouse apartment in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid. It is the first house the client has owned after thirty years working and living in the hostels she ran and explains why she wanted a project that reflected her personality.

The main feature of the property is the parquet flooring, on which the portrait of the owner has been printed. This involved an exhaustive compositional study, using the left eye pupil as the center.

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