10 Backyard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Floor plans and axonometry. The axonometric view of the home’s three floors also shows the heating and cooling systems. These plans show the spatial relationship between the different floors and the key role the stairs play.

The artist Sebastian Camacho painted the pool to simulate the bottom of the sea. The irregular-shaped swimming pool allows much better use of the space beneath the stairs.

10 Backyard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas Photo Gallery

Founded in 2001, the firm Front Studio is renowned for its ability to blur the limits between art and decorating. The firm defines its work as an approach to the creative thought of design.

Reluctant to follow current trends too faithfully, the firm assumes a commitment with creativity and submits each project to a careful and exhaustive study to achieve a unique and personal result.

In this case, the project consisted of creating two duplex apartments that fit together on the middle level to make sure both had views from either end of the floor plan, as well as suitable cross-ventilation and a good orientation.

A number of modern elements were added, such as the concrete panels that surround the hearth, while some old structures were conserved, including the large doors with big arches that separate the rooms.

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