10 Bathroom Design Ideas Small Space

The dining room demonstrates carefully planned circulation. The double front doors and a side door open to the wraparound porch, and the opening to the kitchen serves multiple functions: a bar for seating, a pass-through to the dining room for setting the table and serving, and a place to lay out a buffet. It also shields any meal preparation clutter in the kitchen.

The long galley kitchen has work surfaces on both sides and plenty of storage to make it highly functional.

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For the transition to evening, the sconces and chandelier add to the ambience, as does the glow of the lighting in the glass-fronted upper cabinet where some of the most interesting glassware and serving pieces are displayed.

The family room to the rear of the cottage, with its low wooden ceiling, has a different feel from the front sitting room. It’s a place for private relaxation like reading or needlework.

With sailors, fishermen, gardeners, and beachcombers coming and going, the working entrance to the home is on the side and connects with the mudroom. Surrounding the bench is additional storage in the form of hooks and a shelf carved and shaped like that of a boat. The home’s architect, Ross Chapin, FAIA, has written that in a small home, the space has to perform. “As in a boat, everything has to be well fitted with a place and purpose.”

The protruding half-hexagon southern wall of the home shapes this end of the living room. It allows windows to face three directions for 180-degree views. To the left the views look to the side courtyard (the one with the arched, gated entry); forward, it takes in the coastline to the south; and to the right it directly faces the sea.

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