10 Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs

SWIMMING POOL Swimming pools are becoming much less complicated as people opt for clean, straight designs instead of complex pool shapes. We’ve been using chunky square edges to create floating effects to paving around swimming pools, coloured micrograin interiors and using paving materials beneath the waterline instead of tiles.

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Home and outdoor automation systems with hardwood sleepers, stepping stones and lawn popular flooring products. Some of these materials can be a particularly cost-effective way to create a unique look. Another recent trend is the resurgence of wet edges to bring the water level of the pool up to the same level as the coping, allowing the water to flow out of the pool to be recirculated through grates. This also means tanning benches with water cover of between 150mm and 250mm can be easily added to a pool, as well as wider benches that can accommodate lounge chairs in the water.

HIGHER-DENSITY LIVING More people are living in urban environments and there is a general trend towards higher-density living. With this, private exterior spaces are becoming smaller so they need to be special. There is a higher expectation for outdoor areas to be used to their full potential and we’ve noticed people are spending more money, particularly on engaging a designer and on quality products and materials. Homeowners want their outdoor spaces, regardless of size, to be an extension of the interior — a fusion of indoor/outdoor living. The solution to this lies in good, concise and practical design to maximise all available areas.

PLUNGE POOLS Plunge pools are gaining popularity as they suit smaller outdoor spaces. A plunge pool is typically smaller than 6m x 4m and is often used as a pool in summer and a giant spa in winter. They also frequently incorporate swim jets that allow a swimmer to remain in place while exercising. The depth of a plunge pool is often set at 1500mm throughout, whereas pools traditionally have a depth that gradually increases from 1000mm to 1800mm. Removing the depth variation and flattening the bottom of a small pool or plunge pool allows total submersion, creating a better plunging experience. Plunge pools have a smaller surface area, so we are seeing people experiment more with unique and expensive tiles. Often very dark or very light tiles are used to turn the plunge pool into an interesting feature.

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