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10 Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas – 1HomeDesigns.Com ®

10 Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas

10 Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas****************
For advice on patterned rollers and use of rollers with textured paint, 7071.
Tools and equipment
• Containers: for paintbrushes, use metal or plastic buckets; for rollers, plastic trays.
• Decorating brushes:
10-12.5cm (45in) brushes for walls.
2.5-5cm (12in) brushes for details.
5-7.5cm (2-3in) brushes for ‘cutting in’ around the tops of walls.
2.5cm (1 in) brushes or angled-headed brushes for window frames.
a selection of artist’s brushes for details.
5-1 Ocm (24in) oval-headed brushes for applying varnish.
• Roller cage; can hold a variety of sleeves.
• Roller sleeves: short-pile mohair for applying silk emulsion, medium-pile sheepskin for matt emulsion, medium-long pile for textured surfaces, patterned foam rollers for dramatic effects.
• Extension pole: for pads and rollers, when painting high areas such as ceilings.
• Radiator roller: small roller on a long handle for reaching into the awkward space behind radiators.
• Paint pads: often have hollow handles so they can be used with an extension pole,
• Mahl stick: to steady your hand for details.
• Stepladder or ladders: to create a painting platform.
• For decorative paint effects: pieces of natural sponge, flogger: for dragging dusting brush or specialist graining brush, selection of stencilling brushes, large stippling brush, softener brush: to soften brush marks, fitch brushes: for spattering and stippling, specialist rollers, rockers and combs, lint-free rags: for rag rolling.
Equipment to hire
• Spray guns: to cover large areas very quickly. Always wear a face mask.
• Battery-powered paintbrushes and rollers: the paint is pumped from an attached reservoir along a plastic tube.
• Scaffold tower: a safe platform if painting a very high room.

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