10 Best African American Home Decorating Ideas

Evolving Standards

All of these standards are in constant development, with new versions being introduced on a regular basis to reflect increasing standards and to address weaknesses or deficiencies. It is wise to check the websites of any programs that capture your interest to make sure you and your team work from the most updated version.

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The listings in this blog do not include the many regional green building programs that exist; they number in the dozens across the United States and Canada. There are also a great many regional programs that are focused on one particular aspect of sustainable building, such as water conservation or waste reduction. Research the programs and standards available in your region, and you may find they suit your project well and possibly come with financial incentives.

Twenty years ago, almost none of these standards were in existence. In the upcoming decade, it is likely that new ones will be introduced, and perhaps some of those in common use today will disappear. As always, due diligence will be rewarded.

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