10 Best Bachelor Bedroom Design Ideas

Color Guide for Every Room in the House

Feng Shui Home Design recognizes the effect of color on a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Colors are connected to the five elements – fire, metal, earth, wood, and water. Using the right colors for your living spaces can spell the difference. Make the right choice and you help create the perfect balance of energies that your house needs to have a peaceful and happy home.

Here are suggestions on how you can play with colors the main rooms in your house.

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The best colors for the bedroom are those that are calming and relaxing. Recommended are earth tones, pastels, and flesh. Avoid using bright colors, like fiery red, bright orange, pink, and purple. Dark colors like black, grey, navy blue, brown, and dark green are also inappropriate.


The bedroom should make you feel relaxed because it is where you rejuvenate and renew your energy. Earth colors are recommended because of their sense of neutrality and they can also be downplayed to further promote relaxation. The room should be conducive to sleeping and using bright colors wouldn’t accomplish that.

However, stay away from dark colors because these can make you feel restiess and depressed.

For children’s bedrooms, avoid using pink or purple, use sage green instead. If your kids insist on using pink or purple in their room, use them as accessories, like bed sheets, curtains, and furnishings. Sage green has to be the dominant color because it promotes sleep and relaxation.

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