10 Best Basement Bathroom Design Ideas

Living Room / Family Room.

The living room area should be as cozy as possible so the use of earth tones is recommended. It should have a similar feel as the dining area and the bedroom because this is where the family can gather to spend some quality time so the color scheme should promote unity and relaxation.

Laundry Room / Fitness Room / Garage / Study Room / Hallway.

You need to be active in these areas, so the use of brighter colors is recommended.

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Tone the Colors Down.

When choosing the colors to use for every area in the house, tone down each color shade by at least two notches. Keep in mind that when you choose a particular shade from the color swatch, it will not have the same color effect when you have it painted on the walls. Once you’ve established what color to use, choose the color that is two shades lighter than what you originally wanted. This trick helps you to create the perfect color scheme for every area.

The color red is associated with the fire element, which stimulates your energy that can result to hyperactivity. If you want to use red in the bedroom, for example, make sure that you don’ use the brighter shades of red. Refrain from painting the walls red, but instead use the color red to accessorize. It should not be the dominant color in your bedroom If red is your favorite color and you it to be incorporated, choose the muted type, like burgundy and plum.

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