10 Best Bath Tile Ideas

10 Best Bath Tile Ideas


Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl is a tough and flexible plastic material. It is available in various thicknesses depending on the type of environment in which it is to be used. The simplest vinyls are made from a single thickness of coloured vinyl that is then marbled or flecked with streaks

Vinyl can also be inlaid. Many domestic vinyls have a cushioned back for a softer and more comfortable feel. El


Rubber flooring is made from both synthetic and natural materials with mineral fillers and pigments added for colour and body. It is so flexible that it can take sharp knocks and cigarette burns without sustaining serious damage; thus it is used in situations where an extremely hard-wearing surface is required. The surface can be either smooth, or studded or ribbed, which, although mainly intended for slip resistance, gives the material a unique decorative quality that is part of its appeal. It has a slightly softer, more substantial quality than vinyl and provides a practical surface that is easily cleaned. It is also very stable, which means it will not shrink or deteriorate significandy over time, and is available in a range of plain colours as well as marbled and granular styles. 0

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Cork is a natural product derived from the bark of the cork oak tree; once the bark is gathered, the tree will grow a new bark which will be ready to harvest again nine years later.

Cork has many practical advantages over some of the other flooring materials. It is durable and can be very economical to lay. It is an excellent insulator so it always feels warm to the touch. And it is a good sound barrier; indeed, cork can be laid as an underlay for other types of flooring to provide greater sound insulation. It is available in sheets or, more commonly, as tiles of various thicknesses.

Cork tiles can either be made from strips of cork veneer fixed over a compressed cork backing or be simply granulated and pressed together with an adhesive which gives the product a speckled appearance; different-sized granules produce different surface textures. Naturally brown in colour, cork is available in a limited colour range.

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