10 Best Bathroom Designs Ideas

Mapping your movements

Take the time to study and think about human traffic circulation in your home (if you have kids, it may be more like air traffic control!). Think about all the various kinds of movement: in and out of the house, between rooms, within rooms. Are these patterns different depending on time of day and time of year? If you entertain, notice what happens when extra people are in the space. What works well, what needs improvement? Take note of the same movement types in other homes and spaces. Add all of these observations both positive and negative to the notes you are compiling for your design. Your design will give you the chance to blend the best aspects of all you notice and avoid the worst.

Include your family

A home design will affect everyone in your family, so be sure to involve everyone in the process. You’ll be amazed at how attentive to detail kids can be if they are included in this game. Encourage everyone to think about his or her current wants and needs, and to imagine the future, too. Will more children be arriving? Will parents, siblings, or friends be visiting regularly or moving in? Can spaces be flexible and serve multiple purposes, or be easily adaptable to new uses?

Inevitably, conflicts between various needs will arise. Let them present themselves; there’s no need to impose limits yet. During the Design Game, be open to all possibilities, and treat every option as though it were viable.

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It’s not a matter of life and death!

It is easy to become so wrapped up in the Design Game that you feel you have to get everything perfect. Don’t sweat it every house is full of compromises. Even warm-spirited, inviting, and comfortable homes the ones you’ve been admiring in your research have their share of problem areas and compromises. You will Decorating Gallery these out. By the time you’ve played your way through the Design Game, you’ll have learned an awful lot about what you want your house to be. This awareness even when it’s an awareness of flaws and concerns is invaluable.

Building a paper house

The ideas you’ve gathered during the first part of the Design Game will eventually be ready to be turned into drawings. It can be a valuable exercise to attempt your own initial drawings, even if you fully intend to hire a professional to do this work on your behalf. Translating your design ideas into renderings even just roughly sketched is a very instructive process. At the very least, it will help to create an understanding of the work a design professional will be doing on your behalf, but it may also provide you with a deeper and more direct connection with the whole design process.

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