10 Best Bathroom Tile Ideas Designs

10 Best Bathroom Tile Ideas Designs

Rubbing down old tiles

It is possible although not recommended to tile over existing tiles if the surface is sound and smooth. Before fixing your new tiles, roughen the glazed surface with silicon carbide paper in order to provide

Tiling plan and preparation

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4 Tiles are supremely practical and durable as they are heat and splash resistant, but they can also make a great contribution to the decorative scheme. Here, Mediterranean blue tiles behind the oven and on the floor make a decorative splash and ensure that this kitchen looks stylish rather than merely functional a key for the adhesive. Then use a slightly damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust from the surface. In some situations, a double layer of tiles may look thick and clumsy. If this is the case, first protect your eyes with plastic goggles and then remove the old tiles using a bolster chisel and club hammer.

Once removed, you will then need to render or replaster the wall before fixing the new tiles, so this will increase the scope of your job enormously.

1 Use a ballpoint pen to mark the widths of the tiles and the spacers on the batten to make a tiling gauge.

2 Wearing protective goggles to avoid eye injury, remove the old tiles using a bolster chisel and dub hammer.

Before fixing tiles onto the wall, it is me important to plan where all the tiles will both whole and cut tiles. You can do t using your tiling gauge. If you are planning elaborate design, work it out on graph pi-before attempting to transfer it to the wsl

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