10 Best Bathtub Tile Ideas

10 Best Bathtub Tile Ideas

Tiles of different hues can be combined, thereby offering some design flexibility. Tiles that are not adhesive-backed are stuck down onto the floor using applied adhesive.

Cork tiles are supplied either pre-fmished with a varnish or plain, in which case they will need to be sealed after installation. Some tiles are sold laminated and are particularly hardwearing and maintenance-free. Laying unfinished tiles, on the other hand, can present problems because the material is prone to bubbling. If you decide to use cork tiles in a potentiaflv wet environment, it is a good idea to give the tiles an extra coat of varnish once they have been laid, to fill any small gaps between tiles and making the whole floor more waterproof. 0

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It is preferable to lay sheet vinyl in one piece, not only because it is less prone to damage than strips, but also because it looks neater. Seams between strips would spoil the clean lines of this room. It is surprising and interesting to note how well this modern grey vinyl sits with old wooden panelling and antique chairs.

Ideally, sheet vinyl should be laid in one piece so as to minimize the number of seams. These not only look unattractive but also allow the ingress of dirt and moisture that can cause problems in the future. Most sheet vinyls are available in widths of up to 4m (13ft), so only the widest of rooms should require a seam. It is much easier to lay vinyl in an empty room, before kitchen units, for example, or bathroom fittings are installed; the fewer the obstructions requiring fiddly cutting the more likely it is that the end result will have a professional look and be fully waterproof. If you need to remove the vinyl at a later date, just cut around the units or fittings placed over it with a trimming knife.

All sheet vinyl should be unwrapped loosely and left in the room in which it is to be laid for at least 24 hours before layin This will give the material time to settle ai acclimatize to the atmosphere before v start making cuts

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