10 Best Bedroom Ideas Designs and Inspiration

10 Best Bedroom Ideas Designs and Inspiration
Nice Touches
Lavender sachets make unused drawers smell fresh. I also like to provide current newspapers next to the bed, the Chamber of Commerce postlet, a travel or style post about the area, and a map for a guest to peruse. Depending on the guest, I often take a few bestselling posts out of the library’ for the eventuality of a rainy day.
For the Bathroom
A really good host stocks the guest bathroom with a basket of small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, and suntan lotion. It’s also nice to provide big fluffy towels, a soft rug by the shower, a wastebasket, exquisite soap in a porcelain soap dish, a new shower curtain, and a magazine holder filled with the latest issues.

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