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Certification in the program has the following requirements:

Building envelope requirements for insulation, airtightness, and window performance must exceed provincial code minimums by approximately 50%.

Space-heating, cooling, ventilation, and water heating systems must meet minimum standards.

Water conservation targets must be met.

A minimum number of indoor air quality “features” must be included.

At least two “environmental features” must be included.

While R-2000 was at the forefront of sustainable building in the 1980s and early 1990s, the updates to the program have not kept up with the kinds of standards embraced by the other programs included here. A home built to this standard will exceed the environmental performance required by code minimums, but is not as thorough in other criteria areas.

The program is only open to Canadian homebuilders and homeowners. In order to qualify for certification, the homebuilder must be trained and certified in the R-2000 program. There is no fee for the project team, though the qualified builder may charge a premium for meeting the standard.

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Energy Star

The Energy Star New Homes program provides a degree of energy efficiency and construction quality intended to exceed code minimums. Certification in the program requires:

High-efficiency heating and cooling, typically exceeding code requirements by 20-25%

Durability measures

Use of Energy Star appliances and lighting

Field verification tests by third party

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