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The Intuitive Aspects of the Bagua

When you begin to change the environment you live in you will find that your perspective of the environment has also begun to change. This is not done consciously but happens due to the fact that you are altering yourself in a way you would never have imagined. You will also be able to add your own flavor to the objects and the decor you use at home!

1. Color

2. Water

3. Sight

4. Sound

5. Weight

6. Movement

7. Living Energy

The truth is that your sight is the sense that is of utmost importance since that is what helps you appreciate your surroundings. You have to ensure that the environment you are in always appeals to you and the people around you. But, you have to remember that the other senses are also as important as your sight since you will also be able to attain a sense of happiness when you have heard a child laugh or the listened to the sound of rain. You will find yourself feeling affirmative of your life!

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You would have come across the phrase where you have been asked to never judge a book by its cover! You have to avoid going by the appearance since the first appearance always holds a 50% effect of how you would want to experience a particular thing in your life. This could be where you would place an object or how you would arrange the furniture in your house! Make sure that you have a lovely house and find ways to enhance its beauty.

Make sure that you always enter your house in a way that would leave you feeling the way you did the first time you walked into the house. You may find this difficult for you and you may have to ensure that you bring a friend or a relative over in order to understand his perception of your house. Ask them if there were certain things that they had seen which would need to be changed by you in order to enhance the experience that people have when they walk into your house.

Make sure that you do not change your style since there has to be a certain level of uniqueness that would have to go with your house! It could be the fact that you love having chairs and stools all over your living room, which implies that you have to do it! Make sure that you never change your house into something you would not want to sit in in the future. You will need to use the guidelines that have been given in the book in order to lead a peaceful life!

As mentioned above, Feng Shui Home Design is an ancient component of Chinese science and art. This concept helps in bridging the gap between the environment you live in and you by creating a relationship that benefits both you and the environment. The concept is fully based on the flow of energy – both good and bad -throughout your house. When you are keen to use the positive energy that you obtain from Feng Shui Home Design, you will need to arrange the furniture and other objects in your house in a way that will help you attract that energy. That being said, you do not have to buy expensive items or tools in order to build a harmony in your house and within you. You would only have to ensure that you stick to the basics of Feng Shui Home Design in order to have the right energies around your home!

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