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This is an aspirational standard that has not been met by many projects, but for builders with an interest in making the best possible buildings, it would be the one to use.

The guideline materials for the LBC are available for free. Project teams must register and pay a fee to qualify for certification.

LEED for Homes

This is the residential rating program overseen by the United States and Canada Green Building Councils (USGBC and CaGBC), and is one of several LEED systems for different types of construction.

This is a points-based system, with four different levels of certification possible: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; levels are dependent on the number of points achieved. There are nine categories in which a project is considered, and a minimum and maximum number of points to be scored in each category:

Integrative Process 2 points. Encourages integrated design teams with all participants meeting at least once during the design.

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Location and Transportation 15 points. Ensures projects meet standards for land protection, density, proximity to transportation and community resources.

Sustainable Sites 7 points. Encourages appropriate rainwater management, non-invasive vegetation, and heat island reduction.

Water Efficiency 12 points. Ensures minimum water-use standards, encourages water efficiency.

Energy and Atmosphere 38 points. Rewards energy efficiency that exceeds Energy Star requirements.

Materials and Resources 10 points.

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