10 Best Design Ideas For Bedrooms

Pharos Project

The Pharos Project is managed by the Healthy Buildings Network, which was founded in 2000 “to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in building products as a means of improving human health and the environment.”

Pharos maintains three databases:

Building product library Combines manufacturer transparency and independent research to provide in-depth health and environmental information about a wide range of building products.

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Chemical and material library Identifies key health and environmental information using authoritative scientific data for specific human and environmental health hazards, restricted substance lists, and GreenScreen List Translator scores.

Certifications and standards library Provides information on certifications and standards used to measure the environmental and health impacts of building materials, including VOC content and emissions, recycled and bio-based content, and more.

These resources give a design team the information needed to meet the highest criteria for occupant and environmental health.

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