10 Best Design Ideas For Master Bedroom


The best colors to use in the bathroom are earth tones, white, and pastel. Do not use blues, black, dark brown, green, and grey, and other “watery” colors.


The water element is already present in the bathroom, thanks to the water flowing through the pipes. Mirrors are also excellent representations of the water element. The use of earth tones and white will complement the water element, thus helping create the right balance in the bathroom

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The colors that are recommended for the kitchen are earth tones and brighter colors. Black, grey, dark brown, navy blue, dark green and red are the colors that you need to avoid like the plague.


Your kitchen should be happy, perky, and active. The area already has the fire and water elements represented. You can balance the energy in your kitchen by using colors associated with the earth element. Terra cottas are also recommended, these include gold, bright yellow, and other rich terra cotta colors.

The earth tones support being grounded. Keep in mind that you use dangerous objects in the kitchen, like knives and fire and the earth colors will neutralize that energy.

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