10 Best Florida Bathroom Design Ideas

Use the matrix to complete a final review of the plans before they are submitted for permit.

Present the design matrix to all those who will be working on the building site and be sure that they understand which criteria they have a role in meeting and what targets their work is intended to reach.

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Share the design matrix with key suppliers so they understand your intentions and direct you to the most appropriate materials.

When the project is complete, do a review to verify that all your goals were met. Discuss with team members any goals that were not met, so everybody can learn where the shortfalls occurred and how to avoid them in future projects.

Clear goals are the best means to ensuring that the whole team is working together coherently, and the Criteria Matrix is a straightforward way to present your goals and keep them as the central focus for the project. Of course, the matrix can be modified to suit the needs of your project some criteria can be eliminated, others added. The principle of a clearly defined set of goals is the intention; if this matrix can help you and your team to achieve this, that’s great. If not, develop your own format and use that.

In the end, the result should be a skilled team applying their efforts to a well-defined end.

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