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Theories Encompassed by Feng Shui Home Design

There are different theories that are used by people following Feng Shui Home Design in order to achieve a sense of prosperity in their lives. These have been mentioned in detail in this chapter.

The Yin and Yang theory

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This theory is an ancient Chinese concept that has been taught in different schools all across China over the last few centuries. According to this theory, every object or entity that exists in this universe has two opposing forces that are intertwined in a way you could never imagine called the Yin and the Yang. The former represents females while the latter represents males.

These two forces interact with each other and help in creating the essence of life. While they are forces that are independent in nature they do need each other in order to exist in the universe. It is because of their opposite polarities that this phenomenon occurs. In Feng Shui Home Design, Yin is represented by the color black while the Yang is represented by the color white. When you look at the two from the perspective of energy, you will find that the Yin is a soft, smooth and relaxed form of energy that acts as a silent force! You will be able to see the essence of the Yin when you observe the moon or the silence of the night or even the softness of the water! When you consider the Yang, you will see that it is the total opposite of the Yin. It is represented by the color white and is best represented by aggression and racing cars and the heat of the Sun! When you compare the two, you will be able to state that the Yin is the mysterious night while the Yang represents the hustle and bustle of the day!

When you use Feng Shui Home Design, you will need to find a balance between the forces of the energy. In order to maintain a balance between the energies, you would need to understand the theory at a very simple level which would help you prosper throughout your life.

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