10 Best Home Design Ideas On A Budget

Designs before plans

The terms design and plans are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different kinds of drawings:

Design is about spatial concept.

Plans are the technical drawings that make the execution of a design possible.

There is usually a gradual morphing of a design into plans. At the early stages, design drawings may only define the building’s overall shape and size, and will likely rely more on proportion than actual dimensions. As details begin to be attributed, the drawings become more and more precise, until they are fully scaled and include all the relevant dimensions.

Give yourself time to design

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There is a temptation to leap directly into creating plans, often by starting with the floor plan for the home. It is often beneficial to hold off on this aspect and allow yourself time to consider your home without drawing an outline around the perimeter and then attempting to fill it in with rooms. Spend more time concentrating on visualizing three-dimensional space as much as possible. Even if your drawing skills are limited, if you allow your imagination to form visions of the home that include volume and depth, you may find that you build a much stronger sense of the space. This will be very helpful when you begin to work with the two-dimensional drawings needed for the plan set.

The kind of spatial design being proposed here involves conceiving of the building from the inside out, rather than from the exterior walls inward. Imagine yourself taking a walking tour of the home you envision: What do you see when you open the front door? Walk forward a few steps, describe what you see. Turn left and right. Look up. Look down. Move through the space in this manner and record the results as best you can. Perhaps this is via drawings, or perhaps it is achieved verbally. Maybe it’s best represented by a series of images you’ve collected. Remember, you can’t be wrong! Even if the drawings or descriptions don’t do justice to your vision, if they are sufficient to remind you of that vision, then they are doing their job.

Disposable drawings

Design work can be fun, and it can be frustrating. Draw and re-draw. If something isn’t working, change the perspective and work from a different one. Don’t be afraid to take a break home design can be a long process, so allow yourself time to create something that you are truly happy with. Think of your drawings as disposable (but don’t actually throw them out), and start over whenever you feel lost or unable to complete something. Label and date each drawing and keep them in a file together. If you revisit them every so often, you might surprise yourself with the degree to which you agree with yourself!

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