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Any homeowner or builder faces a potentially intimidating regulatory process when undertaking a building project. There can be a lot of red tape to cut through on the way to erecting a building. Though most homeowners are preoccupied with simply obtaining a building permit, the permitting process can also involve some or all of the following:

Zoning regulation Land use acts define what types of development can be done on a property, and residential construction is not allowed in all areas. Before purchasing a property, be sure to understand the zoning regulations that apply. It is possible to get zoning regulations changed, but the process can be slow and expensive, and there is no guarantee that changes can be made.

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Development permits/fees Many jurisdictions charge fees associated with developing a property. In some urban areas, this can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. This permit ensures that the municipality has the capacity to service the property (provide road, sewer, water, power). If the zoning for the property is appropriate, these development permits are typically not difficult to obtain, but may be expensive and should be Decorating Galleryd into the project budget.

Conservation authority approval Some jurisdictions give control of development in watersheds and other ecologically sensitive areas to some form of regulatory body. If your property falls within their boundaries, a permit may need to be obtained and a fee paid.

Heritage act permit Extensive renovations to historical buildings or new developments on or adjacent to historical lands may require some form of heritage act permit be obtained and a fee paid.

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