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The 5 Elements of Feng Shui Home Design

Feng Shui Home Design in Chinese translates to wind and water. This is why these two elements of the five elements are the most important. There are quite a few experts all over the world who have said that there needs to be a balance between the five elements in order to lead a happy and harmonious life.

Metal Elements

These elements are all a part of the furniture that you use and promote your financial success by helping in your career. These elements are often associated with the shades of metal like gold, silver, marble, metal and even a few pieces of furniture that is made of stone. You will need to use the Western part of your house when it comes to enhancing the effect of the metal elements.

Wood Elements

The elements of wood always represent inspiration and loyalty and help in enhancing your creativity. These are found in numerous forms in your home – your furniture, decor and walls made of wood and so on. You could also use shades of green if you prefer green over brown. But, brown would be the right color to use since it is what closely represents wood. You can use the elements of wood in the eastern parts of your house since this is where the energy is most focused.

Fire Elements

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These elements are known to promote your efficiency and help provide you with all the passion you need in order to get a job done! It is always good to have the elements of the fire placed at the southern corners of your house or your room since fire is extremely strong when compared to other elements and would need to be taken care of. If you do not have too many objects representing fire, you could use the color red since it is welcoming and calming at the same time. You could use fireplaces and candles to enhance the effect of the fire in your house!

Earth Elements

These elements always keep you grounded and help in forming the perfect foundation to develop all your relationships. You would do well with a lot of objects that represent the earth – objects of the colors light brown, yellow, orange and certain ceramic decorative items or even clay. This element offers your family with a great amount of strength and stability in life. It is great to place the elements representing the earth in the center of the room or the center of the house.

Water Elements

The water elements are often represented by aquariums, fountains or fish tanks. These elements are known to improve the connection that you have with your family and friends. You would be able to communicate with them openly without any worries about how you would be interpreted by them. You could use the colors blue and black to represent these elements. You would do well with placing these elements in the northern corner of your house!

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