10 Best Ideas About Lighting Designs

10 Best Ideas About Lighting Designs
Pendant fittings
As they are often to be found hanging from a single central point on a ceiling, pendant fittings echo the old-fashioned practice of lighting rooms with chandeliers. Unfortunately, a single overhead fitting produces a directional light that is both difficult to adjust and unflattering to faces and should not, therefore, be relied upon as the main source of light in a room. Instead, fit it with low-wattage bulbs so that it merely glows decoratively and add extra background light with wall lights or free-standing fittings. Simple pendant lamps and lanterns look best when they are grouped in some way. Try hanging two or three in a row over a kitchen counter, desk or dining table. &
Compact and unobtrusive, downlights can be fixed directly onto the ceiling or partly or totally recessed. If they are fixed to a track, they can be removed or repositioned, which is an advantage in areas where the furniture is regularly moved around. A row of downlights may be used to provide a wash of background light while individual lamps can be turned into display lights with the help of lenses and cowls. It is easy to recess downlights into a ceiling, as fittings are supplied with a template for cutting the hole and the wiring is the same as for a pendant lamp. Apartment dwellers may not be allowed to install these types of fittings, however. D
Table lamps
Modernists may well sneer, but old-fashioned table lamps are among the most versatile fittings available. They are portable, need little room, provide a useful mixture of task and ambient lighting as well as elegantly underpin the style of your decor. The shade is the business end of the lamp, as the material from which it is made diffuses and colours the light, and its shape dictates how much light is cast below it: those with a spreading shape cast wider pools of light. When combining shades and bases, aim for a well-proportioned and balanced look.
Candlestick-style bases suit shades with a small diameter, while solid bases go better with wide-angle examples.

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