10 Best Ideas About Storage Designs

10 Best Ideas About Storage Designs
Storage and shelving guide
In this cottage, built-in cupboards and shelves ensure that the space in boxed-in corners and partitions does not go to waste. Restricting their size – the top rail of the cupboards is just below head height – ensures that they never seem overwhelmingly tall, something that is likely in a room where you spend much of the time seated or lying down.
A. With its exaggerated height, this tallboy almost becomes part of the architecture of the room – one can imagine it serving much the same purpose as a chimney breast or column. In the room beyond, another wooden column, this time of Shaker boxes, provides more convenient access to smaller items.
Built-in storage
Built-in furniture makes good use of limited space and can be tailored to meet every need and whim. But it is there for good and the fancier it gets, the more expensive it becomes. Built-in furniture is often thought of as a modern idea, but it has been a feature of houses since at least the early sixteenth century when cupboards in recesses and fixed benches with under-seat storage were used for the safe-keeping of clothes and valuables. It is much the best option in awkwardly shaped areas, such as those under the roof and stairs.
Freestanding storage
The most traditional storage options take the form of freestanding furniture pieces, such as postcases, chests of drawers, sideboards and wardrobes. They are often larger and more decorative than other forms of storage and so lend themselves well to being used as focal points. They can also be taken with you when you move house. However, they do waste space and the bulky appearance of older examples can be overwhelming in smaller rooms, although they can be improved by using paint to give them a lighter feel ( 274275).

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