10 Best Ideas For Fall Decorating At Home

There is a compass that was used by the Chinese when they used the Bagua. This compass was always held upside down with the North pointing to the bottom of your room and at the bottom of the Bagua Square. This will be perceived differendy for different rooms in your house and it is perceived very differendy when the front door to your house is at the North of the room

If you are a beginner, you will have to ensure that you use the main door technique since that is extremely easy for someone to understand. You will be able to use the compass to understand the relationship between the front door and the energy that flows around your house. You can use this method only if you find that you are able to see a certain change in your life.

This can be done through this example – there will definitely be one room in your room that has always entertained perfection due to the flow of the right energies. You could use that room and identify the emotion that you would represent using that room Now, take all the clutter in your house and leave it in the room and see how that affects your life. You will find that your life has taken a turn for the worse with respect to the emotion that you would associate with the room You may not identify the changes immediately but you will find that there has been a drastic change in your life.

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There have been so many times when people have found a certain part of their house or room missing and this may happen to you too. You will find that the energy in these areas is very low and you would need to use light to fill up the room with proper energy. For instance, consider that there is no room above the garage and this indicates an empty spot which would sap up all the energy or let all the energy drain out. You could have a huge light in your garden facing that spot in order to fill it with energy. Make sure that it is always full of energy since you would be faced with negativity otherwise.

There are other times when the architecture led to projections in your house. There is a possibility that you have a balcony that is jutting out of the room that becomes an extension to the Bagua Square. Make sure that you do not have such a projection in the Mountain sector since that sector will begin to dominate the other sectors! If this projection exists in any other area or sector of the map, you would not face such a problem! You could use some elements of the earth in order to balance out the energy in the balcony.

When you are designing a house, you have been cautioned to avoid any funny shapes since you would find it difficult to find harmony in the house. This is because of the fact that there could be projections and rooms in the house that act a source of negative energy and you may find it difficult to compensate for these negative forms of energy. Make sure that you have a balance between the Yin and the Yang energies in the house too! Make sure that there is a balance between the pairs that have been mentioned in the previous chapter since there will be negativity in your house otherwise! Keep your family and your life harmonious by following the techniques of Feng Shui Home Design and Bagua!

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