10 Best Ideas Wood Panel Walls

10 Best Ideas Wood Panel Walls

Painted Wood Paneling

Timber-cladding your walls can be an inexpensive but smart option, particularly if you choose softwood which can then be given a coat of paint to create a smart, durable surface.

It is also the ultimate method of disguising walls that are less than perfect.

Wood panelling can provide a durable and attractive wall surface that is very relevant for today’s texture-rich interiors. You can choose from a vast number of grains and colours, and inexpensive softwoods can be transformed with a coat of paint, varnish or wood stain either a natural shade or one of the brighter colours now widely available.

An added bonus is that timber is perhaps the best disguise for less-than-perfect walls and is an excellent heat and sound insulator.

When ordering wood, avoid unsightly joins by purchasing lengths which are long enough to stretch from floor to ceiling, or from side to side if you are panelling horizontally.

You will also need to allow time for the wood to acclimatize before you start to work with it. Lay the boards flat on the floor for a couple of weeks in situ, so they can get used to the temperature and humidity in your house; move them around every few days to encourage the drying-out process. If you avoid doing this now, the wood may shrink when it is on the wall and you will be left with ugly gaps between the planks.

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