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The macro comparison of flush toilets versus composting toilets shows a vastly different impact on human health and the planet. If these issues are important to us, then there is a clear winner in this comparison. our [Canadian] waters every year by the [21] cities evaluated in this report. This volume would cover the entire 7800 kilometer length of the Trans-Canada Highway to a depth of nearly 20 metres six stories high.”3 With ten times the population, US sewage dwarfs this volume.

In addition, trillions of liters of treated water are used to flush all our toilets and create all this sewage, and this too has significant ecological and financial effects. Clearly, this accepted solution is not much of a solution when viewed on the macro level.

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Composting toilets, when working properly, make compost that can be used to amend soil. A search of the database of The Center for Disease Control in the United States does not turn up any evidence of a single human illness attributed to composting toilets. The Center undertook a study of composting toilets at a national park in Arizona, and found that workers who clean and maintain the composting toilets were “more at risk for extreme heat, bee and scorpion stings, spider bites, and hantavirus from rodent nests and feces” than from the composted waste they were dealing with.4 At the very least, composting toilets present a lower risk to the environment than the sewage created by flush toilets, and at best they have a positive impact in the rebuilding of soils.

Being an early adopter

Widening our outlook to include macro considerations like environmental impact will probably lead us to choices that are not yet mainstream options. It is important to remember that new ideas and technologies do not leap out of the gate fully formed and perfectly developed. It is wise to consider where a particular option may be situated in terms of its development arc, and to understand where we may or may not want to intersect with that arc. There are definitely rewards for diving in and being among the

Technologies develop the longer they are in use. Some sustainable building technologies are in the “Model Tphase” functional but not developed and refined. There is no reason to think that they will not reach the “self-driving phase”as they become more popular. earliest of adopters of a particular material or system, but there are also drawbacks. Early in the development phase expect higher costs, less availability, and the need to undertake some troubleshooting to make things work right. As the idea develops, cost and availability tend to improve, as do ease of installation, functionality, and maintenance requirements.

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