10 Best Kitchen And Breakfast Room Design Ideas

Assessing inevitable flaws

There is no such thing as an idea or technology with no flaws. Recognizing this simple point is key to being able to consider new ideas fairly and thoroughly.

To prepare our minds for considering new building material ideas, it is helpful to think about one of the most trusted materials in the North American construction industry: wood. We rely on structural wood framing for a huge percentage of our residential and commercial buildings, and we use wood for finishes on the interiors and exteriors as well. Yet this trust in wood comes from the fact that its use is “normal” for us. If we were to try to introduce wood as a brand new building material today, it would face an uphill battle. Skeptics would raise all kinds of issues, pointing out that wood:

Burns easily

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Rots naturally when exposed to moisture

Is eaten by a wide range of common insects

Is a great growing medium for mold

Expands and contracts considerably depending on moisture content

Twists and splits when drying

Familiar expectations often match with familiar criteria.

Focusing on potential flaws can destabilize a project.

Has strengths that vary widely depending on species and growing conditions

Has strengths that vary widely depending on milling, drying, and storing processes

Is often grown far from where it’s used

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