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Dining Area

The colors that are recommended are sage greens, earth tones, and pastels. Do not use red, grey, black, dark green and navy blue.

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The dining room should also promote calmness and peace, which is why you also need to use earth tones. Besides promoting calm, earth tones also promote proper digestion. Never use red in your dining room because it helps stimulate many things, including your appetite; if you are trying to lose weight then red is not a good color to use in the dining area.

Home Office

You will need to use brighter colors in your home office. You can practically choose any color you love. Cream and white would be ideal for a home office because these colors support mental clarity. You have to avoid using darker tones and colors that represent the water element.


The home office should be a place where you have to be alert; hence the idea of using brighter colors. Some designers even recommend using bolder colors. This is not a room where you need to be cozy.

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