10 Best Kitchen Design Ideas Uk

I am extremely lucky and grateful that the “rock stars” of the natural building world are simultaneously true superstars of forward thinking about the care of people and the planet and humble, approachable, brilliant, and most often hilarious people who have built an extended family that I value greatly.

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I am equally blessed to have a supportive and caring and patient and engaged family. Together, they have made me who I am, and there aren’t really thanks enough for that.

For their help with this manuscript, I’d like to thank Jen Feigin, Jacob Deva Racusin, Deirdre McGahern, Erin McLaine, and Shane MacInnes.

I began my 20-year foray into the world of sustainable building as an idealistic and completely inexperienced amateur wanna-be homeowner just a guy with big dreams, very limited means, and almost no idea of the complexity of the task I was attempting. Armed with one blog (and no internet!) and great intentions and expectations, I plunged my family into a long-term adventure that changed all of our lives.

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