10 Best Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

10 Best Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

It is possible to create complex borders and designs for vinyl and linoleum using sophisticated cutting technology but the more intricate designs do require professional installation by highly skilled practitioners.

Modem linoleum is not only supremely practical but is now available in an excellent range of contemporary colours. It can be inlaid to create very intricate designs indeed, an extravagant abstract inlaid design in watery blues and greys provides the main point of visual interest in this plain white panelled bathroom.

Cork is a very practica material; its natural golden colour will warm any room – both decoratively and physically. The raw material usually appears on the market as tiles, although these can be made of granulated cork, or arranged as simple patterns within a tile format, as is illustrated in this kitchen.

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Directory of flexible floor-coverings of a secondary colour; alternatively, several different colours can be blended together. More elaborate vinyls are made in layers, a plain backing with a patterned layer fixed over it. The top layer can be clear while coloured flecks are embedded over a different base to give a subtle three-dimensional look; these silicon carbide flecks give the material excellent anti-slip properties and also a glittery appearance. The most sophisticated designs are made by sandwiching a printed sheet between the backing and a clear facing. This printed sheet often carries images of natural materials which, depending on the quality, can be startlingly realistic or an obviously faked pastiche. The surface of vinyl is usually smooth, although it can be textured for greater slip resistance or better to imitate the texture of natural materials. The wear layer is often treated in order to make it very low-maintenance as a floor-covering, or even harder-wearing. B

All the various types of flexible flooring are hard-wearing. Quality varies from product to product within each category and prices vary considerably, particularly amongst vinyls, ranging from fairly reasonable to very expensive. Flexible flooring materials are either sold as tiles which can be laid in patterns, or in sheet form that is available in various widths up to about 4m (13ft). Once a decision has been made regarding type, choosing a particular colour or pattern will obviously be the next hurdle, and the potential for having fun is huge, so versatile is the modern raw material.


A completely natural product with excellent environmental credentials, linoleum is made from linseed oil, organic fillers, such as wood flour, and minerals such as chalk and coloured pigment. The ingredients are mixed into a paste, rolled into sheets with a hessian or fibreglass backing and then baked for three weeks. The result is a hard material with a slight sheen. Linoleum is available in a comprehensive range of hues, either plain or marbled with additional colour. Plain, coloured linoleum has a rather dead quality that shows marks easily, and should only be used if a very unobtrusive floor colour is required. Being naturally anti-static and antibacterial, linoleum is ideal for industrial and hospital applications.

Linoleum is very versatile. It can be inlaid with other colours, offering infinite design permutations. D

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