10 Best Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Using the Criteria Matrix

The Criteria Matrix presented in Decoration 5 was developed to play a central role in the work of the design/build team. A suggested order of operations would be: Present draft matrix to lead consultant the team member who will have the widest range of responsibilities identified in the matrix (general contractor, project coordinator, architect, or homeowner).

Collaborate to finalize the matrix and set identifiable and definitive targets for each criteria.

Coordinate a list of additional team members required to meet all the criteria.

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Grow the design team by recruiting members who clearly understand the criteria targets being presented and who are enthusiastic about helping to meet them.

Create a plan for gathering the input of all team members, taking into account areas in which one member may rely on another in order to move forward.

Use the matrix as a checklist as the design develops, ensuring that the results for each element of the building meet the intended targets.

If a criteria target cannot be met, decide on a way to resolve the issue. If it is a singular issue, it may just be an anomaly that, upon examination, is allowed to stand; if one criterion continually presents issues and is difficult or impossible to meet, the target may need to be adjusted.

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