10 Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

10 Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Rubber, another material that has recently increased in popularity as a domestic floor-covering, is extremely durable. It recovers from minor surface nicks and resists burns, so it continues to look good for longer than other flexible flooring products. The raised and studded non-slip surface of rubber makes it an appealing material.

Cork has, in the past, been a very popular natural product, although in recent years it has gone slightly out of favour. In the right setting, however, it can still prove extremely practical. Available in a small range of natural colours, it is a very attractive choice, and worth considering for any budget-conscious scheme with a bias towards the environment.

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Flexible flooring materials are available in either sheet or tile form and are so thin that they never cause problems with raised thresholds. As sheet floorings can be tricky to install, it may be worth having more expensive material laid professionally. A large sheet is heavy and awkward and can be difficult to manoeuvre in a room. And just one small slip of the knife can spoil what would otherwise be a perfect finish. Linoleum also contracts and expands unpredictably, which can make it difficult to fit. Vinyl is easier to lay than other sheet materials ( 170-173).

Tiles are among the easiest flexible products for the amateur to lay at home, however, ( 174175). They are also easier to use creatively than the sheet equivalent installing borders or key squares, for example, is a comparatively straightforward matter ( 174-175). Vinyl and linoleum can both be cut and inlaid with different-coloured pieces of the same type of material. With linoleum this can either be done when the floor is laid or later, when you want to brighten it up, when you can inlay shapes. Some vinyl manufacturers provide a very comprehensive range of designs for inlaying, either off the shelf or to special commission.

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