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This goal matrix is intended to be the central decision-making tool for your entire design and construction phases. As such, positioning yourself on this matrix is a process that requires careful thought and consideration (all stakeholders in the final building should contribute). There will be an ongoing tension between idealism and pragmatism as you negotiate toward ever-firmer answers. It is likely to require some soul-searching, research and, in the end, a high degree of honesty to arrive at a completed matrix that will stand up to the realities of project decision-making.

My suggestion for this goal-setting phase of your project is:

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1. Give the goal matrix consideration at the very beginning of the planning process. Follow your gut instincts, your values, and whatever degree of knowledge you have to position yourself on the matrix.

2. Do initial project research based on your first version of the goal matrix. Explore materials, assemblies, systems, and potential project team members to see if your initial goals bear a close resemblance to your research findings.

3. Revisit the goal matrix after some research time, and make adjustments as you feel they may be needed.

4. Use the Criteria Matrix to begin discussions with potential project team members (see Decoration 8). This will give all parties a clear understanding of the overall intent of the project.

5. Finalize a Criteria Matrix through an integrated design process, in which all team members understand the goals, have had the opportunity to consider them, and can discuss them in a shared, coordinated meeting.

After these steps, the goal matrix should be a solid, reliable document for guiding the project through design and construction phases.

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