10 Best Log Cabin Home Decorating Ideas

Septic permit For properties unserviced by municipal sewer systems, a permit must be obtained for a private septic system. This permit is often required to be obtained before a building permit application is made. A licensed designer may be required, and a fee paid.

Entrance permit Access to roads must be approved for new property development (just because a driveway exists doesn’t mean it’s an approved driveway). A permit may need to be obtained and a fee paid. The permit will depend on legal conditions being met for sightlines, distance from intersections, road speeds, shoulder width, and other considerations. There is no guarantee that an entrance permit can be obtained.

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Building permit Most jurisdictions require a building permit and a series of inspections to fulfill the permit. See below for more detail.

Electrical and/or plumbing permit In some jurisdictions, electrical and/or plumbing permits and inspections may be handled by a different agency than the building permit. Separate fees may also apply.

Occupancy permit When construction is completed, the building department may make a final inspection (and may request to see any or all of the above permits) before issuing an occupancy permit. This may be used to initiate property taxes and trigger insurance and mortgage conditions. regulatory regime in your region, and be sure to include the time and cost estimates for each permit required in your overall project planning. Some jurisdictions offer a document that guides would-be home builders through the local permitting process, and these can be invaluable.

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