10 Best Log Home Interior Design Ideas


The US Environmental Protection Agency offers this program to certify household plumbing equipment that is at least 20% more water efficient than the marketplace average while maintaining a market-average level of performance. Actual water-use rates are included in the free online listings of WaterSense-approved products, and these can be used to ensure that a design team can select those with the highest efficiency.

Carbon Footprint Labels

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There are multiple programs around the world that attempt to rate both products and manufacturers with regard to their carbon footprint. Some prominent examples include: For projects with carbon reduction as a key criterion, it is worth exploring these options.

As a relatively new kind of certification, it is difficult to know which programs will emerge as market leaders. Design teams should research these with their own criteria in mind and choose accordingly.

CLEARLY, THERE IS A LOT TO CONSIDER when setting out to achieve a high degree of environmental performance in a new home or renovation. The preceding home designs have attempted to outline a mindset for exploring sustainable options; put forward a range of criteria for consideration, and suggest some tools to ensure those criteria are achieved.

With all of this in mind, the next step is to go about setting firm goals within each criterion. These goals will then become the directive guiding all the remaining steps in creating your building, from selecting team members to choosing materials and systems and negotiating all the myriad decisions involved in a project.

The following matrix offers a methodology for goal setting that has served a wide range of clients undertaking a diverse range of projects. Using the ten criteria explained in Decoration 3, it assists in plotting a range of possible values for each.

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