10 Best Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Let’s first ask if both solutions “work.”

We tend to assume without much questioning that the flush toilet option works. After all, every building in the past half-century has used some version of this technology; we use them every day … so of course it works. However, it is unlikely that we have gone through life without experiencing at least one unpleasant backing-up and overflow experience with a flush toilet. In fact, it’s likely to have happened several times to each of us, and it’s been an unpleasant situation to deal with, not mention extremely unhygienic. But even such dramatic failures don’t lead us to consider that flush toilets don’t work.

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On the other hand, most of us have little or no experience with composting toilets, and our judgment of whether or not this entire range of options “works” will be based on either limited personal knowledge or on the received opinions of others. Proof that composting toilets “don’t work” are mostly based on reports of unpleasant odor and a general revulsion at dealing with human waste. These “failures” lead us to conclude that composting toilets don’t work.

Of course, we understand there are reasons a conventional flush toilet gets clogged, and we know it can be remedied. It is a malfunction. But it must be remembered that it is a malfunction that is almost 100% likely to occur. And should it be recurring, we will blame the model of toilet (they’re not all created equal) or a systemic problem with the plumbing attached to the toilet, but not the entire notion of flush toilets.

The important thing is to remember that the same is true of the composting toilet systems that have negative issues are experiencing a malfunction that can be remedied. And systems that experience recurring problems are indicative of a faulty model design or a systemic problem with the use of the toilet. But a few issues with a few composting toilets don’t negate the fact that the majority of composting toilets work perfectly well most of the time just like flush toilets.

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