10 Best Mobile Homes Decorating Ideas

Projects that will incorporate renewable energy systems will benefit from having an experienced designer (often also the installer) at the table to ensure that system sizing, integration, and budget meet project goals.

Electrician and plumber Though not typical, it can be very helpful to have the project electrician and plumber attend a design meeting to ensure that they understand the project goals and provide input regarding design decisions that affect their role.

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Building biologist If your goals involve an emphasis on indoor environment quality, involve a building biologist or a consultant with appropriate knowledge about air and water quality, electrical fields, and healthy material choices.

Rating certifier/provider Each rating system (see Decoration 4) will have requirements for meeting their certification thresholds. In some cases, the rating certification must be handled by a third party who is not directly involved as a member of the design team. In other cases, the rater can play an active role with the design team. In almost all cases, certification requires proof of a team-based design approach.

Specialist consultants and/or installers A particular material or system may require specialist knowledge that doesn’t warrant a role on the design team, but can provide a key contribution to the team.

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