10 Best Model Home Design Ideas

The number range for this criterion does not represent a quantitative value. There are likely to be higher costs associated with more hired labor; however, this does not account for lost income/productivity for the owner-builder, or the potential for extended construction times, errors and omissions, or other costs that are not uncommon for inexperienced project coordinators and builders. This criterion should be thoroughly considered and calculated to ensure desired budget targets and outcomes will be met.

Note Observant readers may notice that “Aesthetics” is not represented on this matrix. This is not to diminish its importance as a criterion in project decision-making, but rather to reflect the reality that aesthetics is not quantifiable in any way that would be informative on this matrix. It is suggested that Aesthetics be a meta-criteria, to which all decisions in all other criteria areas are held accountable.

Using Your Map

In Decorations 10 and 11 of this blog, material and system options are accompanied by “Criterion Considerations” indicating performance according to the Criteria Matrix, enabling you to make quick comparisons between particular building elements and your overall goals. This can assist in identifying appropriate material and system choices.

The degree of overlap between your overall goals and a particular material or system is a useful decision-making tool. Obviously, a close match is easy to interpret, but mismatches are also important to notice and address. In some cases, mismatches will represent intentional anomalies such as costs that you know are higher or lower than overall targets, or the need for an alternative compliance pathway in a project that is otherwise following prescriptions. In other cases, mismatches can point out inconsistencies and issues that are important to address, such as materials that have indoor environment qualities or environmental impacts that do not meet your standards. In these cases, when the decision changes, the goal changes, or it is accepted as an anomaly for well-defined reasons.

10 Best Model Home Design Ideas Photo Gallery

Your completed Criteria Matrix is an effective symbol for the whole project and can be used in meetings, on the design desk, and at the building site to reinforce the goals of the project for all involved.

The color photo section of this blog displays a wide array of projects and indicates the Criteria Matrix levels that were used to guide the project.

Arkin Tilt Architects Sage Design Build Eastern Sierra Residence Gardnerville, Nevada 2005 Situated on the eastern slope of the Sierras overlooking Carson Valley, this home works with slope and orientation to celebrate the rugged beauty of its site while sustaining against its harsh climate. Alternative construction techniques, solar technologies, salvaged materials, and daylight are integrated to create a dynamic, efficient, and livable home. Photo credit: Ed Caldwell

This home has a footprint of 1,800 sq. ft. It has double stud wall construction 12″ thick with dense-packed cellulose, and 24″ of blown-in-place cellulose in the attic, as well as R-30 basement walls and floors to assure that the stone masonry heater will only need a single morning firing per day. Standard HRV was replaced with an air handler to take outdoor air and hot air above the masonry heater, and distribute it to all parts of the home. Electricity is stored downstairs in a Surrette Big Red battery bank, and distributed through the house and garage/workshop, using dual Magnum inverters. Solar photovoltaic panels are ground mounted; the array produces 4,500 watts. Photo credit: Lynne Epps

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