10 Best Outdoor Kitchens Ideas And Designs

OUTDOOR KITCHENS Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or as grand as you desire and the budget allows. However, we have noticed a trend for people to invest more in elaborate structures that incorporate luxury items to add fun and interest to the space. People want to include the conveniences of the indoor kitchen with a bench and sink, but with more novelty items such as elaborate beer taps, glass-fronted fridges, industrial-style rangehoods and pizza ovens. COLOUR Colours used in outdoor areas are becoming increasingly bolder and more vibrant. People are incorporating the colour palette from inside the house in outside spaces to create a more cohesive look. The hottest colours of the season are pastel blue and turquoise as well as various shades of brown, vibrant yellow and green. Bolder primary colours are being used heavily in outdoor furniture to add pops of colour to the outdoor space. Also, monochrome black and white remains a popular and timeless colour scheme.

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PAVING Current paving trends are all about using a natural product such as Sydney sandstone, basalt, travertine and limestone, or handmade products including porcelain tiles with sandstone, limestone or timber prints, and embossed or raw insitu concrete. Larger-unit pavers remain popular, with 900mm x 900mm being the most commonly chosen size. In terms of colourings, people are opting for busier paving colours that are better at hiding accidental stains or scuff marks. Timber decking will always be fashionable, however people are opting for larger boards (up to 250mm x 75mm) and either leaving them to weather naturally or applying a Japan Black stain.


• The depth of a plunge pool is often set at 1500mm throughout, whereas traditional pools have a gradual increase from around 1000mm to 1800mm.

• More expensive, interesting tiles are often used as the surface area is less than that of traditional pools.

• Tile or interior colours tend to be more adventurous — either darker or lighter to create a visual feature.

• Falling water or other features are often incorporated.

• I nstead of a seat running along one side, corner seat nooks are a better way to maximise the space in the plunge pool.

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