10 Best Pelmet Ideas

10 Best Pelmet Ideas


Pelmets are USUALLY shaped like three-sided window-boxes, made out of timber, and attached to walls, window-frame or ceiling by angle brackets to conceal unattractive expanses of curtain track. They do not have to be rock-solid – humble hardboard should be strong enough. Then use glue, pins, Velcro and tacking stitches to fix fabric that matches or contrasts with the curtains. If you are very lucky, you may be able to find a handsomely carved length of timber which can be gilded to make a baroque pelmet (169).

A living pelmet The perfect country look – pale muslin is pinned across the top of a window and an ivy trained from a pot on the sill around the whole window frame.

Fabric pelmet Swags of fabric can be used quite casually to create a rich, opulent effect. Fix the fabric with a staple gun and add rosettes or bows.

Stencilled pelmet Traditional motifs taken from American painted furniture transform a wooden pelmet.

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