10 Best Photo Gift Ideas

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10 Best Photo Gift Ideas

Another photo idea came from my daughter Amy. For Christmas she had a calendar made with each month represented by a different-color Xerox copy of her family. As each month passes she tears off the photocopy and frames it. You can get this done at many

office supply shops. But more than that, you can have all sorts of creative and personalized gifts made from photographs that go beyond the ordinary. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Put together a collage of personal items, such as dad’s watch, dad’s lucky coin, maybe a favorite photograph. The items can even be three-dimensional. Bring them to a copy center with scanning capabilities and they can make a print suitable for framing. You can personalize a picture with all sorts of meaningful items from a day at the beach, a picnic, a trip, or a special event. For example, take a piece of lace, a flower, a feather, any collectible, and have a photo made of your arrangement. Add a saying, sentiment, or names and give it to someone on his or her special day.

2. If you want to be truly manipulative, it’s not a bad thing. That is, if it’s photo manipulation. Maybe you have an old photograph of your grandfather. You can have a new photo made of you and your grandfather together from two separate photos. Or, if you have a group photo with a family member or friend in it, they can pick out that one person and enlarge only his or her image. You can be creative with old photographs, as well, by doctoring them to be different.

3. Have someone’s picture superimposed onto the front of a favorite magazine. For example, put him on Time or a sports magazine with your own caption underneath.

4. Got a picture of your favorite weekend fisherman holding his tiny catch of the day? The fish can actually be enlarged in the photo (with the fisherperson next to it) so it’s the size of the fish that got awayin fact, bigger!

5. Is your significant other bald or slightly overweight? It’s a cinch to give him hair, slim him down, even turn a frown into a smile. Add some muscles while you’re at it. Got a photo where the whole family looks great, except for dad? That can be altered so that dad is the best-looking guy in the bunch. And won’t he be surprised!

6. If someone you know is an amateur athlete, cut out a banner headline from a world-famous person and use it to go with his or her photo.

7. An aspiring bestselling author? Turn him into the person of his dreams in an instant with your own version of The New York Times bestseller list, altered with his own post title and his name as author.

8. You can even make someone president of the United States! Just change the Commander-in-Chief’s face.

9. An enlargement of any photograph is an inexpensive gift. In fact, have a poster made of the number one man in your life.

10. Look for interesting frames for any size photo you’ve created. And finally, if a photo of your family isn’t exactly what you had in mind, consider framing a photograph that you purchase at a local camera shop.

There are hundreds to choose from and they are extremely affordable. Pick a photograph of something that has special meaning to your family.

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