10 Best Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

10 Best Small Bathroom Tile Ideas


The bricks that are used for decorat floors are much the same as terraca tiles. They are, however, thicker, a they do require a solid base. Becai of their small, regular size, bricks perfect for creating patterns herrir bone is traditional but something m individual works equally well.


A sedimentary rock formed from cc and shell deposits at the bottom warm seas, limestone has a considi ably varied character which ran from almost white and fine-grained through a coarser texture with embedded fossils to very dark greens and blues. It can be finished in a variety of ways, from a rough to highly polished surface. As it is very porous and stains easily it should always be sealed. Antique limestone is sourced from a number of historical sites, but these cannot last for ever. New limestone is more regular and lacks the distressed quality of well-worn limestone although some suppliers have tried to recreate examples with an aged look.

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A metamorphic rock formed from mudstones and shales, slate splits neatly into thin sheets. Riven slate has a naturalistic, rough and uneven appearance. Typically it is cut into squares or chopped, which gives the edges a complementary rougher look. Slate is usually blue-grey with a silvery quality, although there are some extraordinary colours available too, ranging from pale parchment with warm buff highlights to dark reds and rusts. As slate is so varied it can be used successfully anywhere that calls for a hard-wearing and practical surface.


Sandstone is a sedimentary stone, formed from the grains of igneous rocks. It can be found in colours that range from a soft cream to ochre and warm brick red. As it is hard-wearing, it has come to be associated with flagstones, most popularly York stone. It is particularly useful in situations where slip resistance is important – in shower rooms, for instance, although it may be too rough for some feet. Its gritty surface can make it difficult to clean too, which also makes it less than ideal for kitchens. Q


Metamorphosed limestone, marble is characterized by coloured mineral veins which run through it. It is extremely diverse for example, Carrara marble is a soft grey interspersed with a blurry, indistinct black veining that is quietly elegant, whereas Brochella marbles are vivid reds and blacks, with colourful swirling veins, perfect for proclaiming wealth and power.


This is a material manufactured from marble chips bound together with a cement-based adhesive. It is made into slabs or tiles and polished to a high sheen. The colour is dependent on the type of marble used. Different colours can be incorporated into one slab to create patterned borders and centres that simply fit together to complete a repeating or symmetrical design. Traditionally found around the Mediterranean, terrazzo is an extremely hard-wearing material often used in commercial environments. 0


One of the hardest natural stone flooring materials, quartzite comes in a wide range of plain and variegated colours from soft greys to warmer buffs, as well as much darker colours such as sombre greens and near-black. Quartzite has a riven, slip-resistant surface which, together with its durability, makes it a popular choice for commercial applications.

Metal flooring

The ubiquitous aluminium treadplate is found everywhere nowadays from the backs of lorries to warehouses. It is available in 2.44 x 1.22m (8 x 4ft) sheets and is easy to lay over an existing floor either as large sheets or cut into tiles. Aluminium treadplate is slip-resistant and non-corrosive. The gleaming surface perfectly complements a contemporary interior.

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