10 Best Small Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Occupant Input and Durability.

There are many ways of thinking about the maintenance schedule and durability of your home, and none is “more right” than any other. More so than any of the other considerations in our criteria list, this has more to do with personal preference than any other factor. This category is all about the amount of interaction you choose to have with your home, in terms of both regular functionality and the frequency of repair/replacement.

Important questions to consider include:


What degree of personal input are you willing to perform to maintain the homes functionality?

Are you willing to perform tasks more than once per day?

Are you willing to perform tasks once per day?

Are you willing to perform tasks once per week?

Are you willing to perform tasks seasonally? Annually?

Do you never want to perform tasks to maintain functionality?

To what degree is functionality compromised if tasks are not performed in a timely manner?

Is occupant comfort compromised?

Is the well-being of the home compromised?

Are backup systems required? Are backup systems automated?


What is the expected component lifespan, given location and climate?

Does the component have a documented history of use in your region?

What is the required maintenance regime?

Have manufacturer recommendations been examined?

What is the ease of replacement?

Is the component straightforward to access?

Does the replacement process compromise home functionality.

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