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Feng Shui Home Design is the ancient art of arranging architecture, furnishings, and design of a building or an area to harmonize with the surroundings. Its concepts were first used by the Chinese. The principles of Feng Shui Home Design are said to improve the health and bring wealth, success, and happiness to anyone who follows them.

Today, even Westerners consult Feng Shui Home Design experts before purchasing or building a house or property. Even architects and interior designers include Feng Shui Home Design consultations in their projects as more and more homeowners are asking for it.

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Literally, the meaning of the term Feng Shui Home Design is “wind-water”. The direction of the air and the design and architecture of a house are two of the important considerations when architects and interior designers plan and design a home. According to Feng Shui Home Design principles, the direction and how air is circulated into the entire home have impact on the lives of its residents. Water is also an important consideration because Feng Shui Home Design experts believe that the water element bears the chi energy


According to ancient Chinese beliefs, chi is the invisible energy that binds life together. From this theory, the concept of Feng Shui Home Design was formulated and used they used its principles to influence the flow of chi.

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