10 Best Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

Assembling the team

Team-based design and construction is a relatively new approach, especially in residential building. There are very few firms that offer all of the services described above entirely in-house.

In fact, it is very unlikely that many of the professionals who offer these services have ever been asked to sit together in a collaborative effort.

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This puts the onus for assembling the team on your shoulders. You won’t necessarily need all of the people listed above to be on your team, as some members will be able to fulfill multiple roles. And some members may only need to be peripherally involved, providing key input at a particular juncture in the process, but not taking part in the overall planning.

First and foremost, you should feel very comfortable with all the team members. Personality is at least as important as a consultant’s resume! You will be working closely with these people, sharing your hopes and dreams for your home and involving them in major personal and financial decisions. It is not impolite to ask for references from past clients and to follow up with the references. You will be making a significant time and financial commitment to your team members, and you should feel confident that you can get along, work together creatively and productively, and resolve issues constructively.

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