10 Best Swimming Pool Designs and Types

ELEVATED POOLS There are many reasons for a pool to be built out of the ground or elevated. It often requires less excavation, so it can be more affordable, but an elevated pool can also be better suited to a sloping block, sometimes enabling the pool and living areas to be on the same level. Elevated pools can also save space when land is at a premium, particularly when the space underneath the pool can be utilised for other purposes (storage, alfresco entertaining or living space). Regardless of the reason, elevated pools do require meticulous engineering and experienced construction techniques. Here is a selection of some of the most inspiring and jaw-dropping elevated pools.

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The construction of this pool didn’t come without its challenges, given the pool was positioned on the edge of the cliff and there was no access via the national park below. Extensive scaffolding was used for both demolishing the old pool and building the new one. “The demolition of the old pool coping on the wet-edge side of the pool required extensive formwork and due to the bushland location, a platform was built below to catch debris, minimising environmental impact. This was then used to build the new pool’s dramatic curved wet edge,” explains Nick McCarthy of Urban Escape Landscaping and Pools. What really sets the pool apart is the highquality finish on the curved infinity edge.

“The curved wet edge needed to be completed within extremely fine tolerances to ensure it worked with the design and looked impeccable and seamless with the environment,” adds Nick. Pool built by Urban Escape Landscaping and Pools, design by A Total Concept With land at a premium, the designers of this urban home looked to the roof for a promising location for a pool. Complex engineering was required to suspend the pool within the ceiling of the residence. “The pool is supported by four steel columns which are connected at the top by two steel beams that traverse the pool floor and support the weight of the entire pool,” explains Chris. “When full of water, the pool weighs approximately 50 tonnes.

The pool walls contain eight times more reinforced steel than the average pool and act as enormous concrete beams to allow the pool to span 7.5m between the two steel beams,” says Chris Jackson, managing director of Aquarius Pools. Pool built by Aquarius Pools The owners of this Mount Eliza property envisaged a pool that would highlight exquisite views of Port Phillip Bay, as well as be practical to access, ideally positioned at the same level of the living areas of the home. The 8m-long pool was designed by Mark Cleary of Everclear and Anthony Wyer, and built by Coastal Pools & Spas. “It makes the most of the space available, creating a great summer entertaining area. Meanwhile, the overflow wall/water feature is eye-catching upon entrance to the home and makes a wonderful first impression, and the pond below is a lovely addition to the surrounding landscape,” says Steve Lord of Coastal Pools & Spas. Pool built by Coastal Pools & Spas

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