10 Best Tuscan Home Decorating Ideas

Energy Star

The Energy Star program is run by Natural Resources Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. It is an energy efficiency standard that rates household appliances and HVAC devices according to their energy use.

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The program establishes targets that are above the federal government minimums in both countries, and it awards the Energy Star label to any appliance that exceeds those standards by a certain percentage (the amount varies by category).

Energy Star is pervasive in the marketplace. In some product categories, over 80% of all available models meet Energy Star standards, which indicates that it often does not set a particularly high threshold of performance. The Energy Star label does not guarantee exemplary performance.

The free, online listings of products in the online database gives comparative energy use Decorating Gallerys, which allows a design team to select products that have the highest efficiency of all those listed by Energy Star.

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