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Using the Bagua Map for Your House

You have been given all the information that you need to know about the Bagua and have also been told about the map. But, the question is how you will be using this in your house! You will learn through this chapter about how you can use the Bagua to your benefit!

In order to use the Bagua map you have to first draw the blueprint of your house. You could use the architect’s blueprint for the same! Make sure that you have the perfect view of your house through this layout and look at the layout from the top in order to ensure that you will be able to identify every room in your house!

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You have to remember that every structure that is seen these days has been built by man and have always been measured using squares. The advantage is that the Bagua map is also measured on a square! The Thunder, the Tai Chi and the lake are situated in the middle of the square while the mountain, water and heaven all lay at the base or the bottom of the square. You have to ensure that you place your front door only at the base of your square since that is the most important part of your house. You will need to follow the same structure for every room in your house and ensure that the front door is placed at the base of the square. If you have a room that is of a different shape, you will need to find a way to ensure that you can fit the Bagua to the room If there is a certain part of your map you would need to extend, you will need to measure the area well before you do the same. You have to ensure that these measurements are all of the same scale!

When you have identified the way your house is laid out with respect to the Bagua, you may have to make a few changes to your house or the way you look at the map. You have to make sure that the changes that you do make are all gradual changes. You have to first start off with the tables and the chairs in your house before you go to changing the rooms of your house! Only when you are okay with making these small changes that you will be able to make the bigger changes. Make sure that every change that you make in your house conforms to the rules of the Bagua.

When you have started working on the changes in your house you have to first place the map in the right way – place the map which makes sure that the front door or every door of the room are found at the bottom of the map. You may have noticed that when you build a house your door is always in the Water, Heaven or Mountain sector. But, there are certain places where your door may be found within a small alcove that would imply that you would need to make sure that you have multiple entrances. For example, you could make two doors to a bathroom where one door leads to the main corridor while the other door leads to the bedroom or the room you are in. You need to ensure that your house conforms to the sector of the Bagua that it lies in while containing the same amount of energy that governs the way you live.

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